Art embroidery – The first steps

I was raised in a family where the thread art as well as the handcraft skills were valued.
Thanks to this environment and since I was young, I could explore, experiment, create and play with
some tools and materials.
I quiclky felt that a multidisciplinary creative approach was a key. So I actually based on my familial
background to develop my arts and crafts abilities within some applied arts schools such as Boulle
and Duperré. I mainly followed some courses dedicated to jewelry and textile design.
The art embroidery inspires me, structures my creation and it makes the link between all my skills.

High Fashion embroidery – The opening

The more I gained my experience in the famous Parisian High Fashion Houses and embroidery
workshops the more the scale of possibilities, in terms of materials and end uses, was
broadened. My creativity has kept on growing since then.
Another creative path has been drawn while I was visiting the exhibition Alexander McQueen :
Savage beauty at Victoria & Albert museum in London.

Architectural and contemporary embroidery – The confirmation

My approach could be defined as sculptural, abstract and geometric.
Some connections can be made between my scientific bias, my work experience and the way of
making my compositions, of playing with the light and the volume.
I am also passionate about photography so I pay a high level of attention to details that lead to some
creative impulses. Some ideas come from a pattern, a topic, a technique or a specific material too.
I aim at creating a movement, a new pattern by repeating the same geometric sequence like a mise
en abyme.
I have also a contemporary view of the embroidery that could be said as architectural as I push its
boundaries by considering the fabrics as irrelevant.
My creations are organized by collections which includes some canvas, some decorative elements as
well as some High Fashion accessories.
I also make some creative and textile proposals in frame of specific requests made by both artistic
directors, stylists and interior designers.
To maintain an original aesthetic approach and to reach a high level of sophistication are some
requirements that can be fulfilled by my field of expertise including the review of some ancient